Time for Korean Food!

Lately, I’ve been having some extreme cravings for a variety of Korean food. If you have never tried Korean food before, then  my friend, you are missing out on some of the most delicious cuisine to ever grace your taste buds. Not sure what to start with? Check out the list of some of my personal favorites down below.

Kimchi Jjigae: Kimchi stew is a spicy and flavorful blend of usually kimchi, tofu, meat, and a variety of vegetable. Perfect year round!


Korean Ramen: A perfect meal for anytime of day. Don’t forget your boiled egg!


Yangnyeom Chicken: A sweet and spicy spin on fried chicken!


Budae Jjigae: Also know as ‘military stew’ is all your favorite items coming together to form one perfect dish. Some of the ingredients include spam, rice cake, ramen, tofu, sausage, kimchi and more!budae-jjigae

Yukhaejang: One of my all time favorites! This is a spicy beef soup with scallions, sliced beef, vegetables, and daengmyeon (sweet potato noodles).%e1%84%8b%e1%85%b2%e1%86%a8%e1%84%80%e1%85%a2%e1%84%8c%e1%85%a1%e1%86%bc-1180x1180

Naengmyeon: A cool breeze compared to some of the others on this list. These buckwheat noddles sit in a tasty ice water broth topped with vegetables and usually some hot pepper paste.mulnaengweb

Omurice: Fried rice surrounded in a warm coat of egg and graced with ketchup.img_5008

Hoddeok: One of the best street desserts you’ll find. A light a crispy fried pancake stuffed with usually honey, cinnamon, and sugar.


Dukbokki: Another one of my personal faves which inspired this post in the first place. Spicy rice cakes with slices of fish cake and vegetables. Another great street food!


Bibimbap: A true classic.Rice topped with various vegetables and meat with a fine heap of egg right in the center. Also usually topped with red pepper paste. Available both hot and cold!


Kalbi: Korean short ribs offer a delicious and sometimes slightly sweet take on Korean BBQ. Perfect for the carnivores!ribs-on-platter

Hope this made you all hungry for some Korean cuisine!


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