Fish Cake Soup (어묵국 / 오뎅국)

So recently I’ve been having a very intense craving for fish cake soup. No, there isn’t any actual cake involved but still amazing nonetheless! Fish cake soup is a Korean dish that features different types of fish cake in a broth with different vegetables, spices, and sometimes chili peppers.

Personally, I find this dish very delicious and almost refreshing. The texture and flavor of everything in it is so nice. Don’t be fooled though. It doesn’t have the texture of actual fish for those who are unfamiliar with this dish. There are also different looks for fish cake soup from fish balls to skewers. Regardless of which one you have, it will be delicious!

Aside from actually being in South Korea, the best fish cake soup that I’ve had in the states so far is from a place called College Roadhouse in Austin, Texas. First of all, they give you a huge pot that’s perfect for sharing with friends, you have control of the heat, and their broth is really flavorful.

Here is a lovely recipe courtesy of My Korean Kitchen!





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