Czech Republic? Check!

Recently, I’ve been thinking more about places around the globe that I would love to visit once I graduate. Of course it won’t be immediate but it never hurts to plan early, right?

Ever since I was but a wee child, the Czech Republic has always been in my top 5 places to visit. The sheer beauty of the country is magnificent on it’s own. The architecture of the buildings is rivaled by none and the atmosphere puts you in an inescapable trance.

There a number of locations and activities to keep you busy during your stay including medical spas, cultural excursions, and too many festivals to count.

As far as landmarks go, my top three for now are as follows:

St. Vitus Cathedral


Charles Bridge


Old Town Square


These three places capture so much beauty but are only a small taste of what the Czech Republic has to offer.


For more information about tourism and events in the Czech Republic, visit their tourist site, Land of Stories.


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