Switching Up Your Workspace

Many of us have a specific area at our job or home where we go to get our work done. This place is ideally an environment where we can focus and be productive; however, it can also be a place where we can get distracted the most. For example, I can get a lot of assignments done at home, but because it is such a comfortable environment, I tend to relax too easily and find myself opening tab after tab of YouTube and/or Tumblr. On another note, your workspace may always look the same and never change. Even something as simple as adding a fake plant or lamp can help get some stimulation going.

As a graduate student, I am constantly either at work or in class. When I am not in either, I’m usually at home doing homework. Going back and forth between those places can get a bit tiring and honestly a bit boring. This is why I felt the need to share some workspace upgrade ideas that I like or that may inspire some of you to switch it up!

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