EXO: A Band of Neverending Relief

We all have that musician/band that brings us joy and happiness when we listen to them. They’re that band that has a song for each and every emotion that you feel throughout the day. In my case, they’re that band that gets me through graduate school without going mentally insane.


EXO is a 9-member group that releases albums in both Korean and Chinese with Japanese singles thrown in occasionally as well. Their genre’s typically include Pop, R&B, and Ballad. Why do I love them? Not only have they inspired nearly all of my graduate research but they also make me scream with laughter while watching them on various talk and variety shows. They are an amazing relief when I am stressing out over deadlines and research papers.

I also find myself constantly on Aeriverse, an EXO forum community, updating myself on the latest news and upcoming releases. Currently, they are finishing up their concerts in Newark, Los Angeles, and Mexico before heading back to South Korea for their encore concert.

Although I love 99% of their music, here are my top 10 song recommendations for EXO. Keep in mind, this list changes daily. Click on a title to explore the song!

The songs in bold are ones that never change and are constantly my favorite. If you have even a shred of time, I highly recommend checking them out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Feel free to comment on your favorite artist as well!



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