A Sip of Tea


I absolutely love tea. It’s one of my favorite drinks and it comes in so many flavorful varieties. There’s white tea, black tea, red tea, green tea, milk tea, ginseng tea, you name it and it’s probably a tea.

I wish I could tell you my favorite type of tea but there’s just honestly too many to love.

Why write about tea?

You see, tea is about much more than just drinking. How does tea make you feel when that lovely aroma hits your nose? How relaxed do you feel when it spreads over your taste buds? Drinking tea is an experience. Personally, it helps to relieve stress and feel refreshed and revitalized.

As you may know, tea can be used for so many ailments as well from sore throat to constipation, and as a number of pain relievers. But it’s also just purely relaxing. I prefer my tea hot with natural flavors rather than adding sugar to it. That being said I am also from Texas and need a good dosage of sweet iced tea to live as well.

From black tea to bubble tea there’s a tea for everybody.



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