[Movie Review] Wonder Woman


Okay. Sooooo….

A few days ago I went to go see the critically acclaimed movie Wonder Woman. Now I just wanted to share a short and sweet review of my overall opinion about it.

Now, overall, the movie was pretty good. Some parts were a bit cringe-worthy including the overly dramatic slow motion shots at times. Otherwise, Gal Gadot made a great Wonder Woman and I applaud her performance. I will admit I’ve checked out very few number of Wonder Woman comics so I am not entirely familiar with everything about her and the original story line. The whole battle against Ares was interesting since I love nearly anything related to Greek mythology.


I am really not fan of movies where the overall message of the story is “love can defeat all evil, forever and always until the end of time. All you need is love blah blah blah etc.”

Now I’m not saying it’s not entirely true, but I’m just a little tired of movies ending that way. Sometimes it would be nice to see someone strictly win because of their own personal strength or vengeance without being empowered by the love of someone else. But obviously that’s all personal taste.

I’m looking forward to Justice League as I feel like it will be more up my alley.


What did you all think about it?


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