[Album Review] The War – EXO

First off…let me just say that this is not the first time I’ve shown my love for EXO. I’ve written about them quite a bit in my previous posts.

On July 18, EXO released their album titled ‘The War’ and let me tell you…I will be giving up a lot of sleep during this album era.


Behold the digital album cover and logo for this era. This logo is modeled after the Birds of Paradise flower.



The album has six versions; A, B, & Private available in both Korean and Chinese.


For avid Twitter/Tumblr users, you may have seen the hashtags #Kokobop and #EXO on the worldwide trends list. Well you should know that it was because EXO album releases are quite a huge deal and nothing to joke about. The fandom is huge, the albums are great, and this was no exception.

I will admit that when the previews came out, I was quite worried because it was so different from EXO’s previous sound. However, when the album finally released, I was more than impressed with it. I just can’t seem to find a single flaw with this album. ‘The War’ is a very strong and hard-hitting album with a great mix of sounds. The album incorporates R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, and a dash of Reggae.

My personal favorite song off the album is called “Chill”. Chanyeol, one of the members of EXO, took part in writing the lyrics for this track as well as three other tracks on the album. I like “Chill” because it pulls out the best of everyone’s vocals with a unique sound. Don’t get me wrong, the entire album is a vocal blessing but I just happen to find it particularly appealing in this song.

My other favorite songs from the album include ‘Touch It’, ‘KoKoBop’, and ‘What U Do’ but let’s be honest, I love every single song on this album.


Check out their entire album on Spotify now and let me know what you think!


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