In Need of Inspiration

Lately I feel like I’ve been lacking creative inspiration for many things. Both for writing and craft projects. I love writing but I’ve recently hit a wall and seem to be at a standstill. I’ve considered taking up making photo albums only because I have so many pictures that I want to put together…but I know that I will eventually want to go back to writing.

Usually when I need to feel inspired I change my environment and go work somewhere else for a change, maybe read or watch some movies, however; I’ve been so busy and full of stress that I haven’t quite found the time to make the change yet.

I’ve also been meaning to find new ways to get inspired. I’ve considered going to the river nearby, expanding my movie tastes and trying new ones, and taking up a bit of graphic design. I’ve working on graphic design for a while but never developed it enough to call it a “skill” hence I want to try that now. I also have quite the active imagination yet I have some trouble getting it down on paper.

What are some of the things you all do to get inspired?


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