Why ‘V Live’ Should Be The App On Every Phone


So for the past two years or so, I’ve been using a very popular broadcasting app called ‘V Live’. If you’re into K-pop then it’s likely that you may have heard of it. But I just wanted to add that this app is not only for K-pop lovers.

V Live offers a bunch of different broadcasts that may interest many people. Not only does V Live offer live broadcasts from celebrities, it also offers different types of programming like award ceremonies, concerts/showcases, radio shows, tutorials, web dramas and more. Broadcasts are available for viewing on both mobile and desktop. I’ve actually discovered many artists that I had never heard of before thanks to this app.


Now you may be thinking, “this sounds like Periscope”, but I can assure as a user of both, they are both drastically different. Periscope is good for everyone broadcasting whereas V Live is a platform for mostly celebrities.


In my opinion, V Live offers more content and more chances to interact with the broadcaster in these ways:

– You can follow who you want.
– You can leave comments.
– You can give like/hearts to videos.
– Each channel has its own separate chat room for fans to talk to one another.
– The artist of the channel can enter the chat with fans at any time.
– Channels also have a message board where fans and the channel owner can post messages, photos, and more.


V Live has what’s called a ‘Chemi-Beat’ feature. The more broadcasts you watch and hearts you give, the higher your Chemi-Beat becomes. It increases more when you catch the broadcasts live and share them. The highest level is 7 for now.

V Live also introduced their Channel+ feature which allows those who purchase it to have access to Channel+ only broadcasts on top of the regular channel.


Moral of the story is, I just really love V Live. I feel like I use it just as much as YouTube lately thanks to all the content it has. I highly recommend giving it a try.


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