All In For Alaska

Recently, I've been thinking of places within the United States I've been wanting to visit. Considering I don't have the funds to just get up and go to a foreign country, I've been debating places a bit closer to home. Alaska has been one of the places on that list. From the beautiful mountains to … Continue reading All In For Alaska

A Sip of Tea

So... I absolutely love tea. It's one of my favorite drinks and it comes in so many flavorful varieties. There's white tea, black tea, red tea, green tea, milk tea, ginseng tea, you name it and it's probably a tea. I wish I could tell you my favorite type of tea but there's just honestly … Continue reading A Sip of Tea

Why Grads Grieve #8

It's the end of the semester but teachers haven't updated grades leaving you in an abyss of confusion and anxiety. You're confident that you did well but you can't risk the unknown. FINALS COMP EXAMS THESIS DISSERTATION WHY ME?!