Why Grads Grieve #8

It's the end of the semester but teachers haven't updated grades leaving you in an abyss of confusion and anxiety. You're confident that you did well but you can't risk the unknown. FINALS COMP EXAMS THESIS DISSERTATION WHY ME?!

Why Grads Grieve #4

Overestimating your ability to finish an assignment in the time you allotted Written exams that give you carpal tunnel Waiting to get your grade back Your job thinking you're calling out to go have fun when in reality...you have a project to work on When you have a thesis/dissertation to defend

Why Grad Students Grieve #3

When all of your professors make your research projects due the same day. When professors assign things assuming they're the only class you're in. Getting your grade back. Because getting a B in grad school feels like a D or worse. Thinking you have an amazing research idea...then you're told why it's not so amazing.